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Vasco lookism is one of the best Lookism Characters.

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Who is Vasco in Lookism?

Vasco, also known as Euntae Lee (Lee Eun Tae), is a supporting character in Lookism. He is the commander of the Burn Knuckles and a student at J High School’s architecture department.

Euntae is a very well-built man, having toned muscles and a strong physique. He has tattoos on some parts of his chest and on his arms, to cover up the vulgar tattoos bullies carved into him while in middle school. Vasco lookism has fair skin. He has a slender face and jet-black hair. He parts his fringe in the center. Vasco lookism has dark, almond eyes with thin eyebrows. He has facial hair above his lips and a thin tuft of facial hair on his chin.

 Vasco lookism

Is Vasco from Lookism Mexica ?

Vasco lookism

a rapper from South Korea Vasco works out in a gym in addition to following Goo’s training recommendations. Vasco adores Golden Retrievers in particular. When Daniel Park was caring for Inu, he was eager to see her and the pups, but he had no idea that Jay Hong was actually caring for them.

Who bullied Vasco Lookism ?

Vasco’s lone buddy when he was younger was Jace, who had a peculiar attitude. Jace became friends with the popular students in his class while he was in middle school. Vasco advises Jace to stay away from a prominent senior who asks them to smoke since they are losers. Vasco is bullied by the senior.


Even Jace admits that Euntae has a distinct personality as compared to others. Euntae, despite his frightening and ominous appearance, is a kind and harmless young man. He is passionately concerned about individuals who are mistreated in society and is willing to put his life on the line to protect them. Euntae thinks that everyone should be treated equally, and that respect should be earned based on one’s conduct rather than one’s appearance. Euntae is also a determined individual who is not scared to keep trying until he succeeds.

Vasco lookism